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Sciatica Solihull Birmingham
Sciatica pain sufferers in Solihull or Birmingham can now get help from Atlas Solihull Osteopaths in the West Midlands. We understand sciatica symptoms and trapped sciatic nerve conditions and can help relieve your pain!   Solihull Osteopaths offer an alternative to Solihull Chiropractors in the treatment of sciatica.

Sciatica or sciatic pain is a reference to a trapped or pinched sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve pain is very uncomfortable and can last for months.

Sciatica symptoms are usually pain in the buttock and down the leg.  Often nerve pain will radiate into the calf and foot giving pins and needles or a burning pain sensation.  Sciatica pains can be experience without low back pain as impingement of the sciatic nerve may occur in the pelvis.  This condition is known as sciatic syndrome which involves compression from the piriformis muscle.

Treatment of sciatica needs careful consideration.  Much depends on the cause of the sciatica and a diagnosis needs to be obtained before formulating a treatment plan.  Atlas osteopaths are able to diagnose your condition after a physical examination and propose a treatment plan.
Sciatica pain
Sciatica treatment may involve spinal manipulation, sciatic nerve stretches, mobilisation of your low back and sciatica exercises to strengthen your back. Acupuncture treatment is often effective in treating sciatica and electrotherapy and hot or cold treatment can often relieve symptoms.  If the cause of your sciatica is diagnosed as a bulging or prolapsed disc then spinal manipulation is not recommended.  Often this form of treatment will make things worse.

MRI scans can be arranged to determine the condition of you spine and locate the cause of your sciatic pain.  Often bulging discs or prolapsed discs are the cause of sciatica and the scan will determine the best cause of action to alleviate your pain and discomfort.