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Many people ask what does an osteopath do and how can osteopathy help me?

An osteopath is a highly trained individual having spent 5 years training at university and osteopathy college.
Osteopaths are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and all practitioners must be registered.

Osteopaths are experienced at dealing with musculo-skeletal conditions such as back pain, stiff neck, sciatica, pelvic pain, trapped nerve, joint pain and general aches and pains.  They work with their hands, using highly skilled palpation techniques to examine movement and function of the spine, pelvis and joints.

Osteopathy is widely accepted alongside physiotherapy as a mainstream medicine now.  Spinal manipulations and an in-depth knowledge of bones and joints ensure osteopaths are first choice by many back pain sufferers. 

Solihull Osteopaths at Atlas Pain Relief Centre have a clinic near Solihull town centre and offer an alternative to chiropractic treatment by chiropractors for back pain and trapped nerves such as sciatica.  Atlas have another pain relief clinic in Tamworth, Staffordshire which employs both male and female osteopaths.
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A Solihull Osteopath at Atlas is expert at solving sacroiliac joint problems and most patients are pain free within 4 to 6 treatments.

Sacroiliac joint pain and sacroiliitis generally refers to inflammation of the sacro-iliac joint.  This is part of the pelvic girdle and generally manifests itself as one sided low back pain.
Soft tissue manipulation and trigger point therapy is often used as part of an osteopathic treatment by an Atlas Osteopath. Massage and mobilisation of joints alongside stretching techniques help restore range of movement and prevent further injuries.