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Solihull massage therapist offers massage therapy at Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in Solihull Birmingham.
Massage in Solihull can vary depending on your requirements.  A relaxing massage for instance would be different to a deep tissue massage. Many runners can benefit from sports massage during their training for marathons.

Remedial massage therapists tend to treat specific problem areas such as tight muscles, knots and trigger points which can refer pain between the shoulder blades and the neck and shoulders.

Hot stones massage relies on its thermal properties and the heat from the basalt lava stones is used with aromatic oils to produce a really relaxing enjoyable experience.
Sports Massage Courses vary in content, quality and price and should be researched before you undergo training from a college or training establishment.

Sports Massage from an Atlas Birmingham Sports Massage Therapist will involve soft tissue manipulation and a good workout of the muscles, and where necessary,  passive stretching to lengthen shortened muscles.
Massage to piriformis muscle
On site event massage
Hot stones calf massage
Atlas massage treatment room
Stretching is important for anyone that takes part in sport and the lengthening of tight muscles can reduce the risk of injury.  Sports Massage therapists will often use passive stretching and muscle energy techniques to lengthen your muscles.

Hamstring stretches and calf stretches are the most common requirement due to adaptive shortening during exercise.  Massage and stretching techniques such as PNF will assist in regaining additional flexibility in tight muscles and improve your joint range of movement.

Often back pain can be caused through tight hamstrings having a restrictive effect on the pelvis.
Passive hamstring stretch for runners
Sports massage therapist
Massage during pregnancy is always beneficial if carried out correctly.  Solihull massage therapists offer pregnancy back massage for pregnant mums who are suffering with back pain during pregnancy.

Back Massage when pregnant can relax you and help you cope with the stresses and strains of pregnancy.

Trigger Point Therapy is very useful to treat painful trigger points in muscles.  Often described as knots or nodules by some massage therapists, they are painful when pressure is applied directly over them and often refer pain elsewhere.

Deep tissue massage and remedial massage techniques are used by Sports Massage therapists to treat problem areas and injuries