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Back Pain sufferers in Solihull and Birmingham now have an alternative to Solihull Chiropractors and Birmingham Chiropractors for the treatment of back pain, sciatica, sacroiliitis, bulging disc, neck pain and misaligned vertebrae.

Solihull Osteopaths at Atlas Pain Relief Centre specialise in lower back pain and back pain relief.  Back pains are common and can affect everyone.  If left untreated, slipped discs and degenerative changes can worsen and cause more problems resulting in increased discomfort, loss of mobility and time off work. If you need to get back to work, back exercises can help you strengthen and support the lumbar spine.

Back pain causes are many, which can range from poor posture, incorrect sitting or working positions, heavy lifting, sports injuries or back pain during pregnancy.

Back pain treatment from an Atlas Osteopath in Solihull Birmingham may involve soft tissue massage, manipulation of the muscles, spinal manipulation, electrotherapy and back pain exercises. Poor posture can be improved by performing posture and postural exercises to strengthen core muscles.`

Back pain in pregnancy occurs when postural changes take place. As the unborn child increases in size, additional weight gain and a softening of spinal and pelvic ligaments in preparation for childbirth puts added stress on the skeletal system.  This can often cause backache and low back pain.  On occasions sciatica, which is a trapped sciatic nerve can give pain in the buttock and down the leg.
Back pain after gardening.  In spring time we go into the garden and begin the physical work of gardening after a winter lay-off.  Continual bending, lifting and cutting hedges and lawns can result on both upper back pain and lower back pain.  The elderly are prone to injury at this time of year and must be careful when gardening.  Regular breaks and back stretches are recommended.  Your Atlas Solihull Osteopath can assist you with suitable back exercises designed to keep you moving freely.

Muscle spasms, 
muscular pain and muscle strains of your low back can occur if you overdo things.  Turning or twisting sharply can often bring on a muscular twinge or pulled muscle.  Atlas Osteopaths can help massage the area and free unwanted knots in the muscles and treat painful trigger points that may be referring pain.

Upper back pain can often be caused by excessive time spent at a workstation on your PC, working on a laptop or simply repetitive movements at work such as RSI.  Pain will be felt in the neck, upper back between the shoulder blades and into the shoulder muscles.
This is very debilitating and can cause fatigue and headaches.  Your Atlas Osteopath in Solihull can help these symptoms and get you feeling back to normal.

Arthritic pain from arthritis and degenerative changes will normally be experienced by the elderly and this can lead to a lack of mobility, weakening of muscles and a restriction in daily activities.  Osteopathy can help relieve symptoms of arthritis and increase mobility of joints.